FERMO – The future building that will host the middle schools Betti and Fracassetti will consist of classrooms for teaching activities, laboratories, a library, an auditorium in the first building and a gym in the second for sports activities.’It will be jobs – says the Mayor Paolo Calcinaro – who will accompany us in these months for the construction of a new completely anti-seismic pole, modern, also equipped with a school gym. I think it’s a nice sign that the start of work, while deriving from a bureaucratic difficulty in the system envisaged for the contract by the order 14 issued in January 2017 by the then Commissioner Errani. A system that has proved very heavy, but today we catch the positive moment. The validation will also continue on the parts of the plant and architecture that will follow the signing of the contract. For now you can proceed with the structural part. We hope to see the works completed within this year, if not in school, however, solar.