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Casetta Fantasia

The kindergarten “Casetta fantasia” is part of ┬ástructures called MUSP: Portakabin Classrooms building which temporarily replace schools damaged or destroyed by the earthquake of 6 April 2009.

The structure has been sized to accommodate 65 children, grouped in 4 sections:

– 16 infants (0-1 years old);

– 49 weaned child (1-3 years old).

The interior spaces were designed to create a large, single space that can be shaped to adapt the classrooms to different activities and number of children who attend the school every year.

The most part of internal divisions are therefore made with self-supporting furniture; these mobile walls create flexible space easily adaptable to different needs: educational (teaching or recite organization) and practical (motor activities and play) requirements.

The building is arranged on one level. All the spaces reserved for children are south-facing, with large windows which allow the natural light to come in.

The structure was realized with a steel frame and the building envelope with prefabricated panels.








Civil Protection Department - Construction company
Carannante srl