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Cemetery Extension

The project was insipired by three main principles: the modular setting of the area, divided by important road axis, the main entrance and the ossuary building. The main axis is stressed from the sequence of columbaria that surround and define its path giving it perspective and depth . The ossuary is located in the central area, near the road that link the new cemetery with the existing one. The semicircular structure is divided in two levels which are accessible with stairs and a ramp for the disabled persons; this is connected with two linear structures arranged along the axis of connection with the existing cemetery. The columbarium buildings, places in orthogonal position  between the two main roads, rise on two levels and are free on all four sides.

Professional services: preliminary and final desgin, coordinating security at runtime, work management.


Avezzano (AQ)


2002-in progress




Cosema Srl