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Court Offices

The project involved the construction of a temporary building to be used as office for Public Relations U.R.P.P. to serve court’s offices. The project site is located in the industrial area of Bazzano (AQ).

After the earthquake in 2009 all the courts services were moved from L’Aquila to the near town of Bazzano; there were realized new offices, a courtroom, archives and a security guard service. This building represent the missing piece of the entire complex.

The project idea was to create a building  similar, for type of structure and architectural style,to the new temporary modules already realized in the area.  The modern architectural language, chracterized by a regular plan and the pitched roof ,is the same of the near buildings.

The steel structure is covered with walls in prefabricated panels and alluminum windows with internal shutters.

This construction system provides an excellent seismic behavior and allow to speed up construction time with lower labour costs and high indoor comfort. All the materials used for the external closures guarantee high  performances, both thermal and acoustic.








Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Civil Protection Department