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ITAS “Luigi Castiglioni”

The following project concerned the intervention for the construction of the new school complex  “I.T.A.S. L. Castiglioni “in the municipality of Limbiate (MB), in the district area of  Limbiate Mombello.

The project was developed in three different type of intervention who involved different buildings:

  • Refurbishment of the building n. 14, once occupied by a typography and workshops owned by the District, for the creation of spaces like laboratories, classrooms, library, auditorium, offices and bars;
  • Construction of a new structure. In the site there was an existing building which couldn’t be reused because of type, design and conservation state. The old fabric was demolished to leave space at the new building, parallel to the existing ones. It is a traditional construction with a triple-body diagram; the new building is on two levels used as classrooms and laboratories, plus a basement where stores and technical rooms were located. On the green roof,  entirely accessible by users,  are placed the solar photovoltaic panels for the production of electrical energy and the solar thermal panels for the production of sanitary hot water
  • Limited works of external arrangement.


Limbiate (MB)






Province Monza and Brianza