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Primary School

The project involved the construction of the new building for pre-school education and primary education. The site is located in a central position between the villages of Aielli and Aielli Stazione, in Contrada Vicenna. The building area has a rectangular shape with sides of 48x38m and is part of a site where are also located the municipal gym, a warehouse intended for storage media and the sports field, with changing rooms. The new school complex has a ground attack of (30.80 × 14.80) m and is spread over two floors: on the ground floor there is the nursery activities and on the first floor there’s the elementary school. For the design of the building the main normative requirements have been the D.M. 12.18.1975 and the Circular of Ministry of Education of 11.04.2013; specifically the kindergarten was designed for 30 children and is articulated in two sections,  following a standard of 7.40 square meters per student while, for the elementary school, the standard is  8.75 square meters per student.

The school was designed to guarantee high security standards, with particular attention at seismic performance. For these reasons the structure was realised in x-lam (cross laminated timber) with load-bearing panels used to form structural walls, floor and roof.

Huge attention was also reserved to many aspects as air quality, natural light and thermal insulation giving the children the best environmental comfort they could have.


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Town of Aielli