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Residential Complex


The project included 8 residential units arranged on three levels, including a basement and two above ground storeys.

The access at the basement is achieved trough a path wide approximately 6 meters overlooked by the entrances of the garages. An external staircase connects the underground path with the ground floor where are located the accesses at the building units.

The basement is divided in two parts: an area designed as a garage and an area intended as cellar. An internal stairway connects the basement to the ground floor, raised about 15 cm from the outside level. On the ground floor there is a living-dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a pantry and a study. On the first floor there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms.


The project included 3 units of four-family buildings articulated on three levels. The access to the basement is ensured by the ramp of the garage where there are, in addition to parking space, a cellar and a bathroom. On the mezzanine floor there is the living area with a kitchenette, the living room and a bathroom. The first floor host the sleeping area with a double bedroom, two single bedrooms, and two bathrooms.


Cappelle dei Marsi (AQ)






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