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Service Center

The intervention involved the construction of a multifunctional center to service the companies of the Avezzano industrial area.

The project is developed around a double height core which hosts offices and laboratories on the ground floor and open-space offices on the first floor. In a second, single-height core are located offices for the resolution of socio-economic issues, including assistance and reception of preschoolers.

The building totally embraces the principles of green building; particular attention was paid to the building’s performances with the application of technologies useful for the reduction of energy consumption like the insulation system, the large windows with a very low U-values and the photovoltaic system for the production of renewable energy.

The architectural language is characterised by the intersection of volumes with different geometries, by the alternation of blind walls with large openings, by the rigor of vertical surfaces contrasting with the dynamism of oblique ones.


Avezzano (AQ)






Avezzano Industrial Consortium