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Directional-commercial building Camerino (MC)

The intervention consists in the construction of a commercial office building owned by Contram S.p.A. in which offices, commercial and administrative offices will be located. All the lower level of the building will be used as a garage.
The surface of the existing existing square will not change, and will be closely connected to the new building, as the two levels of the new project will both be accessible from the outside through the square itself.
The driveway access to the square to the lower square will be allowed through a single, one-way preferential lane with entrance near the current car wash, and exit through a new driveway access located near the former police station, already existing but of use of the building alone, it will be enlarged and set back so as to favor maneuvering the vehicles and any cars leaving the former station or the upper square. The square will also be equipped with parking spaces and points of aggregation suitable for the use of the panorama without obstacles visual.
The supporting structure is made of steel with corrugated sheet and concrete slabs. For the vertical closings a completely dry assembled system has been chosen, with great practicality and effect. A multi-layered system is provided which encapsulates the load-bearing structure in galvanized steel and all the systems of systems and pipes for the discharge of the building.
The external covering is provided in pre-painted metal panels insulated with a suitable thickness insulation. The internal lining consists of a counter-wall with double sheet of plasterboard fixed on the appropriate metal profiles.
The project involves the insertion of efficient technological systems in line with the legislation
current in terms of energy saving and consumption reduction.
The construction of at least two technical rooms for the placement of the equipment is envisaged
The plant solutions will guarantee the use of a portion of renewable energy for the production of domestic hot water and heating and the recovery of rainwater for non-sanitary uses.