Celano School Project

The project involves the construction of the new building for an elementary school for 400 pupils, located within the area of ​​the old Bonaldi municipal stadium, in the city of Celano. On the total area of ​​the area equal to 9979 square meters, there is currently a football field, a small building intended for changing rooms and toilets and a stepped structure in steel and reinforced concrete, for the stands, which will be subject to demolitions. The new building will be limited to the north and west by private properties, on which there are buildings used for residential purposes, to the east by the road called Via Granatieri di Sardegna and to the south by Via Santa Cecilia di Sotto. The project was developed in compliance with the standards set by the Ministerial Decree 18/12/1975, the reference legislation for school buildings, providing for an increase in the useful surfaces to optimize the use of the interior spaces.

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Assignment Final Plan
Location Celano - AQ
Client Comune di Celano
Amount € 3.400.603,30
Timeline 2014
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