Expansion cemetery avezzano

The current cemetery covers an area of ​​about 25,000 square meters, entirely fenced, and borders the provincial road to Luco dei Marsi and the connection to the Liri highway. The area of ​​the current cemetery, bounded by the boundary wall, was filled with a multiplicity of funerary buildings without following a logical procedure, but leaving the free interpretation of the concessionaires, the right to choose the location, type and materials of the buildings. Everything was further compromised by the construction by the Municipal Administration of the niches, often located where there were gaps that were to be destined for burials on the ground. The modular layout of the area, divided by an important road axis “the road of the dead”, with a beginning and an end, the main entrance and the ossuary building, represent the guiding principles of the project. The speech developed by the project is in terms of architectural language; “the road of the dead” is entrusted to themes of perspective and depth of field, to the sequence of columbaria that surround it and define its path. The semicircular structure connected to two linear structures and arranged along the axis of connection with the existing cemetery, is divided into two levels which are accessed via stairs and a ramp for the disabled. The dovecote buildings, located between the two main road axes, in an orthogonal position, rise on two levels and are free on all four sides. The horizontal connection between the upper levels of the columbaria takes place by means of suspended walkways, while the vertical one is allowed through flights of stairs placed inside each single columbarium building and pedestrian ramps with an 8% slope placed on the heads to allow access to disabled. The main entrance is located near the building that houses the general services of the cemetery. The cemetery is divided into distinct areas that are easily identifiable by visitors. The main axis identifies the area where the columbaria are located, on the upstream side there are the courtyard buildings that contend the 8-seat chapels, in the area opposite the main entrance and after the ossuary there are the 12-seat chapels , characterized by the presence of arcades that shelter the entrances from bad weather.

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Assignment Executive Project, Final Plan, Safety coordination in the design and execution phase, Works management and accounting
Location Avezzano -AQ
Client Cosema srl
Amount € 1.650.000,00
Timeline September 2012 - November 2012
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