Judicial Offices L’Aquila

The building was built after the 2009 earthquake and provided for the relocation of the court offices, as the existing building was significantly damaged. The design idea was to create a temporary building that could still have a function even after the emergency phase. In fact, following the reconstruction of the new court, the buildings were used as medical clinics and offices, at the service of the local health authority. The building, classified as strategic, is in a steel supporting structure with external infill walls in prefabricated panels and aluminum windows with internal shading systems. This construction system guarantees excellent seismic behavior combined with a building construction speed that favors low construction times and high internal comfort. All the materials used for the external closures meet the legal parameters for high energy performance and reduction of both thermal and acoustic transmittance coefficients.

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Assignment Executive Project, Final Plan, Progettazione Preliminare, Safety coordination during the design phase
Location Bazzano -AQ
Client Dipartimento di Protezione Civile - Carannante SRL
Amount € 2.338.985,00
Timeline Agosto 2009 - Gennaio 2010
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