Museum – Palace of King Menelik II

The Restoration of the Palace of Emperor Menelik II, in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, was carried out by Arch. Livio Sacchi (Stagi srl), commissioned in 2009 by the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture, with the survey, conservative restoration and re-functionalization. The complex comprising 10 buildings, covering approximately 5000 square meters, was built by King Menelik on the Gebbi hill in the center of the city, as an imperial palace at the service of the emperors, the council of war and ministers. The project curated by Arch. Sacchi and his team dealt with the restoration and re-functionalization of the complex to be used for tourism – museum use.

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  2. Museum – Palace of King Menelik II
Assignment Artistic direction, Executive Project, Final Plan, preliminary design
Location Addis Abeba, Etiopia
Client Ministero della Cultura di Etiopia
Amount € 5.000.000,00
Timeline Gennaio 2011 - Agosto 2011
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