University Canteen Project

Project for the construction of the university multifunctional center serving the students of the University of L’Aquila. This complex is located in the west of L’Aquila within the Industrial Center adjacent to the L’Aquilone Shopping Center. In particular, the construction of a single-storey building is planned which houses the university canteen for 220 seats and a study room for 30 students, equipped with internet connection and used as a training room. Compared to the tender-based project, it was planned to improve the internal distribution of the environments in order to improve usability by users and speed up construction times to allow the structure to be used in a short time. The building structurally consists of a single independent body with a single inclined pitch and an external canopy covering the main entrance. The proposed improvement consists in the construction of the entrance hall equipped with double glass doors with automatic opening with photoelectric cell that can be opened by pushing outwards in case of fire, to allow students to wait their turn for the meal without creating an obstacle to the passage towards the exit and the external shelter of about 100 square meters with steel structure and glass sheet cover.

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Assignment Final Plan
Location L'Aquila
Client Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri - Ricostruzione Sisma L'Aquila 2009
Amount € 1.108.687,21
Timeline September 2010
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