Ryad - Arabia Saudita
Scuola per l'infanzia "Casetta Fantasia"
Sede Contram - Camerino (MC) Museo Complesso Imperiale di Yohannes IV
Mekele - Etiopia
Salone Hair Stylist
Avezzano - L'Aquila
Museo Palazzo dell'Imperatore Menelik II
Addis Abeba - Etiopia
Centro Polifunzionale
Avezzano - L'Aquila

Stagi Srl

It is difficult to think of a wall without thinking about the possibility of a void revealing the depth of the wall itself

STAGI s.r.l. is an architecture, engineering and consulting company formed by a team of professionals working in the field of design in the fields of geology, architecture and engineering.

STAGI srl, which has been operating since 2007, takes on its responsibility and makes available to its customers, public or private, the utmost professionalism and quality in the services it offers and which characterize it as a true subject capable of providing a complete integrated design.


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Stagi Srl – Architettura & Ingegneria
Via Tiburtina Valeria km 112.500
67068 Scurcola Marsicana (AQ)
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